Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heraldry Extras: Lions

Another group of iconic extras to fill out my heraldry library! Sorry for the lack of post on friday, the last part of the week was an absolute whirlwind for me. So, these are lions. The poses shown here are sejant (far left), statant (center), and salient (right side). Lions were an incredibly popular charge in heraldry because they represented so many positive aspects of a person; who wouldn't want to be brave, royal, wise, and mighty in battle? Most often lions are shown in gold, though the ones I've put together for the time being are "proper," or shown in their natural color. The open mouth with visible teeth and tongue is a common feature in heraldry, but one that I rarely use because it smacks too much of the original image and it's just an easy route to take in drawing off the classic form. In this case? It just seemed incredibly appropriate.

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