Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creature Feature: Lubolf

The lubolf is, in my opinion, one of the funniest muddled descriptions of all the animals I worked with. It's described as a creature like a hippopotamus, but with long sharp teeth and a mane like a horse. It's said that its teeth were "so sharp they threw forth sparks" and that, in addition to the mane, it would whinny like a horse. What's funny about the description is that a hippo does, in fact, have both sharp teeth and a crease in the back of its neck that could look like a mane. The pictures of a lubolf could easily have been slightly awkward drawings of a real hippo.

Of course, to me, the best part of the lubolf descriptions is the part where it would walk backward to annoy--not evade, annoy--hunters.

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